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Get on the path to homeownership

  • Tired of burning money on rent?
  • Like to start building equity for your future?
  • Not quite ready to buy a home?
  • Like to try before you buy?
  • Need flexibility before commitment?

We’ve partnered with 5 real estate rent-to-own companies, that make it possible for you to move into your dream home today. Rent with built-in savings for your down payment, then when you’re ready, turn your savings into a mortgage – and give yourself the power of homeownership.

How it works

  1. 1. Get qualified and set your home budget
  2. 2. Find your dream home
  3. 3. The rent-to-own company will purchase your dream home
  4. 4. Buyback from the rent-to-own company

 Rent-To-Own is a great program that has worked for many of my clients.  Each company has different qualification requirements and offers different terms. Contact me for a free consultation.

Just fill out your info and we’ll be in touch with you soon


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